Meet Our Disruptors


Travis Tung, CPA

Travis started Axiur because he saw the need for a professional, down-to-earth accounting firm that would create long lasting, exciting relationships with its clients. Accounting at its core, is historical in nature, but that doesn’t mean that the profession must reside in the past. Axiur is progressive, and was built with the hopes of breaking the accounting status quo.

When not preparing tax returns, Travis can be found skiing in the mountains of Colorado, racing his bike for the team that he also sponsors, or trail running with his wife.

If you’d like to take a meeting on the slopes, or on the trail, just say so!



Mariane Harsch, CPA

Mariane joined the Axiur team so she could work with like-minded professionals that seek to break the accounting status quo. Mariane is passionate about building lasting relationships with clients by providing clients with friendly and quality service, and by helping them reach their desired financial goals.

When not preparing financial statements and tax returns for her clients, Mariane can be found training for triathlons, hiking, or running with her husband.



Kevin Choe, EA

Kevin joined Axiur for the opportunity to work with great people and to help the firm’s vision of disrupting the accounting conversation. We are dedicated to engaging in exciting conversations to help clients better prepare for their financial futures. Kevin can often be found watching movies with his wife or enjoying the beautiful Colorado scenery.


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