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Our Philosophy

Expert Experience + Partnership Philosophy = Your Success

When was the last time you heard words like “innovation,” “passion,” and “fun” associated with accounting? Probably never. They are part of our core values, along with accountability, integrity, and respect. Why? Because building a thriving business requires the right amount of all six qualities. Your motivation drives our expert team to discover innovative solutions to fuel a clear path to success. Your success is our success.

Our Passion

Fueling Your Path with Inspiration

Our clients are looking for solutions that move beyond simple spreadsheets. Overcome financial frustration with a trusted advisor that will help you build a stable foundation for growth. We thrive on your success, fueling it by harnessing your intense passion and giving it the right tools.

About Our Founder

Travis Tung, CPA

Travis started Axiur because he saw the need for a professional, down-to-earth accounting firm that would create long lasting, exciting relationships with its clients. Accounting at its core, is historical in nature, but that doesn’t mean that the profession must reside in the past. Axiur is progressive, and was built with the hopes of breaking the accounting status quo.

When not preparing tax returns, Travis can be found skiing in the mountains of Colorado, racing his bike for the team that he also sponsors, or trail running with his wife.

If you’d like to take a meeting on the slopes, or on the trail, just say so!

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